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About Beach Psychology

Beach Psychology is a clinical psychological practice in Hermosa Beach, California.

Located on Pacific Coast Highway in the brand new 2447 PCH building.


At Beach Psychology, we offer comprehensive and compassionate psychological services to the South Bay community. Dr. Warren is a clinical psychologist committed to providing the highest level of professional expertise and human compassion for issues and concerns that arise in the course of our lives. At Beach Psychology, we believe that quality psycho-therapeutic treatment can lead to changes that are enriching and enduring, leading to lifelong patterns that encourage happiness and satisfying relationships for our clients.


Everyone has within them the ability to attain personal growth by gaining insight into their unique strengths. During times of stress, this inner resilience can be called upon to guide them in discovering purpose and meaning in their lives, improving interpersonal relationships, and adapting to healthier patterns of relating to others. We take a collaborative, yet challenging approach in assisting children, adults, couples, and families on their path towards positive change. We use a solution-focused exploration of current struggles to help them break unhealthy patterns and develop coping skills and a sense of hope and strength.

Dr. Warren has a particular interest in working with mothers experiencing post-partum depression and providing ongoing support for parents and families. This includes working with adolescents during their self-discovery and transition into adulthood. Struggles with independence and self esteem make this a particularly difficult time for young people.


In addition, we also work assisting those with depression, anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, ADHD, LGBTQ identity issues, chemical dependency, anger management, divorce, sexuality, and relationship issues. We also provide psychological testing services.

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